Basic Cabled Coffee Wrap

Basic Cabled Coffee Wrap!

After months of tossing it around, I decided today to teach myself to do cables. After a few tries and fails, a new pattern emerges!


Lion Brand Jiffy yarn
Size 8 straight needles
Cable Needle
Tapestry Needle
Stitch holder
Sewing needle
2 buttons


Using straight needles, cast on 16 stitches.
Knit 2 rows in stockinette stitch, starting with a knit row.
Beg. Cable pattern:
*K 2 rows st st
Next row: K5, pass 3 sts p wise to cable needle, k3 from left needle, k3 from cable needle, K5.
K 3 rows st st.*
Repeat cable pattern from * to * 7 more times.
At this point, grab your favorite coffee mug and check the fit. The wrap will not go all the way around the mug- there will be about 1.5″ from end to end where the wrap will not cover the mug. Just bear that in mind when checking size. Do as many more cable rows you think will be necessary to fit your mug.

K 2 rows st st
K4, place these sts on a holder or scrap of yarn.
BO 8 sts.
K4 (keep these 4 on the needle)
**K11 rows st st
Next row: K2, YO, K2
Next row: p to end
Next row: k to end
BO in purl.**
Repeat from ** to ** on the other strap

Using needle and thread, attach one needle to each corner of the wrap (opposite end from the straps!)

Now wrap it around your favorite mug and enjoy a nice hot cuppa joe! (Or Earl grey!)


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