Mad Faced Mikey

One bad Monster!

Dylan has been having some serious issues with monsters lately. According to him, there is a Monster named Ogre that lives under his bed. He sometimes bites Dylans toes while hes sleeping and that makes him sad. Oddly enough, Dylan isnt scared of Ogre. He just doesnt like him biting his toes. So we decided Dylan needs a scarier monster to scare away Ogre. One that has seen way scarier things than monsters that bite a 3 year olds toes while he sleeps. I got a newsletter from Lion brand yarn recently with a really cute (can you say ‘cute’ when it comes to scary monster? Is that a monster faux paux?) pattern for a Halloween-esque monster. Unfortunantly for me, it was a crochet pattern and Im a chick with STICKS. Not stick. STICKS. So I decided to modify and enhance said monster. Hence, Mad-Faced Mikey was born. Mad-Faced Mikey is battle scarred, and has a really bad haircut. This monster is HARDCORE. Heres hoping Ogre gets the hint…

I used Red Heart worsted weight yarn, but any worsted weight yarn will be great. I tend to use Red Heart alot because 1- its cheap and readily available, and 2- I have a huge stash of it. So you will need it in at least 3 colors: MC, and 2 CCs for the body, plus a small amount of black for the facial features and hair. For pattern, I used MC (Green) CC1 (Red) CC2 (White).

I knit this with size 8 straight needles. He is knit flat and sewn up afterwards, but you could definantly knit him in the round with size 8 dpns to make for easier finishing!

You will also need a large, darning needle.

I also used 2 buttons for the eyes.

Body- Cast on 22 sts. Starting with a k row, work in stockinette until the piece is approximately 12 inches long then bind off. You will fold this piece in half width wise later when finishing, with right side out.

Legs (make 2)- Cast on 10 sts. *Starting with a k row and CC1 work in St stitch for 6 rows. Change to CC2 and k for 4 rows.* Repeat from * once. Change to MC and work in St stitch for 4 rows. Next row, k2tog across the row, next row p across. Cut off a long tail of yarn, and using the darning needle, draw the tail through remaining sts and fasten tightly. Sew up sides if knitting flat.

Arms (make 2)- Cast on 8 sts. Starting with a k row and CC1, work in St stitch for 8 rows. Switch to MC and work in St st for 20 rows. Next row, k2tog. Next row p across. Cut off a long tail of yarn and draw the tail through remaining sts and fasten tightly. Sew up sides.

Finishing- Fold the body in half width-wise, and Sew up the 2 sides of the monster body, leaving the top side open. Sew a face onto the monster, and either sew on 2 buttons for the eyes, or use black yarn for facial features. Attach arms and legs to the body. You can choose not to stuff the arms and legs- its up to you. I did NOT stuff them and they just kind of hang flat and I like that. Stuff a small amount of fiber fill into the body, and use the black yarn to sew the top of the head shut. The black yarn will make it look like a bad haircut which works well for the poor little guy!

Enjoy! Any questions on the pattern, email me and let me know! Im happy to help! And if you end up knitting it, email me a picture, Id love to see it! NO SELLING IT OR USING IT AS YOUR OWN PLEASE!


3 thoughts on “Mad Faced Mikey

  1. i love this little guy! i live in western australia & i’m in the process of knitting up a few for the kids in the queensland/victoria floods. i figured since he’s good at scaring monsters away, he might be good with bad dreams too, & a lot of those poor kids would be having bad dreams now

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