And then there was this.

I wish I could say that so much has happened in the past month that has kept me from properly maintaining my blog.  I wish I could say that things have just gotten so crazy busy around here that I’ve just not had the time to post.  But to be completely honest, the facts are these: Life has fallen into a steady, monotonous, boring routine.  Having my Husband deployed to a far from stellar location at which is modes of communication are limited if not completely non-existent is wearing on me in a completely terrible way.  I cling desperately to any sense of normalcy and routine in the hopes that it will keep my mind from wandering and help in maintaining the “normal happy family” atmosphere.

We also found out that Hubs has gotten new orders.  We will be moving to El Centro, CA in the Spring.  I’m not built for desert heat.  I hate knitting with cotton, and I doubt the heat will allow for wool.  There are so many valid reasons that I have for not wanting to move there.  Most of which do not belong here in this blog.

I’ve fallen into a terrible rut.  And I just want to knit myself out of it.

2 thoughts on “And then there was this.

  1. I really wish I could say something inspirational to you, but I don’t have any idea what it’s like to go what you’re going through. I can tell you that sweaters are more practical than you’d think in high heat, AC can actually get really chilly and in the winter it can get below freezing at night. Socks are good too. You won’t have a lot of use for cowls and mittens unfortunately, but you could probably knit those for a family member in a colder climate.

    Stay strong!

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