Im finding it increasingly difficult to accept that tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  While the days making up the past few months have seemed to crawl by, the weeks seem to have flown.  Odd.  Holidays during deployment really are miserable, though I try to make them festive and celebratory for my children.  The idea of celebrating yet another Christmas without my Husband is a huge bummer, and I know that it is fairly depressing for him as well.  But I look at it as yet another milestone met to getting this deployment done with- another day down and another day closer. 

To add to the holiday cheer, it seems that our truck needs a new transmission.  A nearly $3000 transmission to a truck that we only owe about $1200 on.  Fantastic.  I could really use a Christmas miracle right about now.  This is the only vehicle we have, and we live a good 20 minutes drive away from the grocery stores. 

But as much as I just want to scream out “Bah Humbug!” I look at the joy and excitement that I see in my kids, and I can’t help but smile.  So for those of you who celebrate Christmas- Merry Christmas!  To those of you who don’t- Happy Holidays!

One thought on “Meh…

  1. That is a piece of bad news! 😦 I hope that you are able to sort everything out.

    Merry Christmas! I hope you and your kids were able to enjoy yourselves. 🙂

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