The truth shall out, indeed.

My loving Husband asked me the dreaded question today: “Um, sweetheart,” he began, “just how much yarn have you aquired?”  Crap.  In my minds eye I can see the yarn closet, overflowing in both color and volume.  I can see ziploc bag upon ziploc bag stacked lovingly on top of storage box upon storage box, and the many boxs from Eat.Sleep.Knit that I’ve ran out to the recycle bin before he could catch sight of them.  I love my Husband, no doubt- but this was not a question whose answer I wanted to think about, let alone discuss.  So I referred back to to a book I’ve recently finished reading, At Knits End by the Yarn Harlot, and answered “Enough to insulate a small house, I suppose.”  He didn’t laugh near as hard as I did when I read that bit.  Rather, he scoffed “Becca, are you kidding me?”  No, I most surely am not.  And do you know the sad part is that alot- A LOT of this yarn- was not bought because I ever have the intention to knit with it.  I just wanted to be surrounded by it.  The colors- vibrant and saturated, the overall squish factor.  There were so many reasons that I wanted, needed, this yarn.  None of them practical, but they all seemed to make sense at the time.  But now,  faced with having to explain my logic to my Husband whos steady job keeps my yarn cabinet well stocked, I have to face facts.  I have entirely too much yarn. 

So Im making myself a promise.  Certainly not a resolution, for my own personal reasons, but a promise to myself.  I WILL start to knit down my stash before buying more unneccesary yarn.  I will.  Stop giggling.

Happy New Year to all, and I hope that you make the most of this year and all of the possibilities that it provides!

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