Home- Part 3

So… we’ve moved.  Another successful(ish) military PCS under our belt, and now that the dust is finally starting to settle, life is coming back into focus.  I hate it here.  Im not a desert person, and being away from the Pacific ocean (heck, being away from any ocean) is wearing me down.  We were lucky to find our rental house, which is in a great area of town and is somewhat newer of a house.  Everyone keeps telling me that once we settle, it wont be so terrible but I just don’t see it.  But I wont bore you to death with the details.  Suffice it to say that it stinks.  Literally even. 

Last month before the move officially began, I came across an open test knit on Ravelry for the CopyKat shawl, which is based on a shawl worn by Her Royal Highness Katherine.  I was really excited about the shawl because I saw the photo of HRH wearing it and instantly fell in love with it, and well, living in the desert means no more cardigan knitting for a while.  So I volunteered to test the pattern and opted for the parrallelogram checkered version, though in retrospect I wish I had chosen to do the crossed stitch version.  Just one word of advice when having the military move you- don’t let them pack your knitting.  Yeah.  They packed it up, leaving me unable to finish up the test knit.  Awesome right?  But tonight I finally finished it, and its blocking as I type.  I used MadelineTosh Pashmina which has an amazing drape and softness to it, even when blocked aggressively as I did.  It also takes several rinses to get the majority of the excessive dye out.  In fact, during the first soak, my Husband asked if I was dying something in the sink.  On the fifth rinse, I still had a sink full of koolaid blue looking water. Preeeeeety blue. But I got about 2 more rinses before I decided to call it quits and just block the darn thing. Photos to come once our internet is installed next week!

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