Back to knitting.

Gosh, I wish I had more energy to blog more reguarly, but this place has me completely uninspired to do much of anything.  I am, however, grateful that my desire to knit has returned.  My want to photograph anything is still MIA, as there is really nothing worth taking pictures of around here, in my opinion.  I havent even taken the camera out of its bag since we moved here.  So unfortunantly, the photos I have taken of my knitting projects have been taken with my Droid X. 

The first project finished since the move was the CopyKat shawl (Ravelry link, only), by Rose Beck which is a shawl designed after the one worn by Her Royal Highness Catherine.  I knit the parallelogram version, but the instructions include 2 other optional versions to knit.  I used Madelinetosh Pashmina in Nebula and size 5 36″ circular needle.  The only mod I made was to only knit the ruffle to 1.5″ rather than the 2″ called for in the pattern.  What can I say?  I have 3 kids and my patience was waning.  But I really like the way that it turned out.

So after I bound the shawl off, I needed something quick and simple to knit.  I decided that since there are so many pregnant women in my circle of friends and family right now, that I should probably start on some baby shower gifts.  I have to admit that I didnt really knit too many things for my own babies, but there is something gratifying about knitting a baby sweater for someone elses baby to be.  I opted for the Small Things Sweater (Ravelry link only) by Carina Spencer.  I used Knit Picks Swish Worsted in Doe and size 8 needles to knit the size 3 month sweater.  I love that it has kimono sleeves!  Its just such an adoreable sweater!


Moving right along, of course as soon as I bound off the brown baby sweater I HAD to cast on for a pink one!  So this time I opted to knit the Whirligig Shrug  by Stefanie Japel.  I fell in love with this shrug when I first saw in in Interweave, and had it in my queue for a while.  I knit this one using Madelinetosh DK in Cherry and a size 6 circular needle. 


Rolling right along, the next project to cast on was a set of Little Tuffy washcloths in some fun summer colors:



And finally, My Summer Flies shawlette!  I dont know wny, but I am most proud of this shawlette.  Maybe it’s because it’s the first lace project that I haven’t completely destroyed.  Maybe it’s the gorgeous burnt yellow color, or the beauty of the designers pattern.  Whatever it is, I really am proud of this project and I love it!  I used Madelinetosh Pashmina in Candlewick and a size 7 needle.

So for now, I think Im going to take it easy on knitting other peoples designs, as I have a TON of design ideas floating around in my own head.  Some are going towards the book, but others will be offered as individual patterns once I get them written and tested!  Hopefully I will have some fun news to share with you all soon!

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