A Special Weekend

My Dad came down to visit us this weekend, along with my younger sister Trisha!  I have to say that it is amazing how having some of my family here makes this place seem not so bad.  I was smiling in a way that I have not smiled in weeks and I felt ten times better, as well.  Since there is really nothing much to do around here, and with the heat topping 110 degrees, we spent much of Saturday here at our house relishing the air conditioning.  We decided to go out for lunch, as I had heard alot of local lore about something called a “Special Quesadilla” that apparently is a local dish that you can only find in the Imperial Valley.  We decided to check out a restaurant called Lulu’s here in Brawley after asking our neighbor for some recommendations.  I ordered the Special Quesadilla with a side of Mexican Rice and an iced tea.  Turns out a special quesadilla is made using a special masa for the outer shell, which makes it crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inner part.  This one had monterey jack cheese, and was unfortunantly very underwhelming. 

But the meal could have been nothing more than crusts of bread and water for all I cared, because I was sharing it with family and I desperatly needed that. 

But unfortunantly all good things must come to an end, and Dad and Trish had to leave for home this morning.  We’re all looking forward to another visit around August for my birthday, and that’s definantly something to look forward to for now!

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