Last week, I posted this picture on my Facebook wall:

It’s the beginning of my very first shawl pattern coming to life!  Im really excited about this design and cant wait to see how it all comes together.  On paper it seems like it will look pretty great, but my math isn’t always the best and you never can tell how many times a design will be frogged before it turns into something worth offering up to the knitting masses.  For instance, after posting this picture on Facebook and working about 10 rows of lace, I realized that what I had envisioned in my head looked more like a sad yellow yarny massacre, and the whole thing was frogged.  But after a little more math, a lot more sulking, and remembering that sometimes stitch markers can be a real life saver, Im happy to say that Im picking it back up this afternoon and getting back to the needles.  I’ve also sketched out another design which I am also quite excited about, but that one will have to wait until this one is at least in test knitting phase. 


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