Who woulda thunk it?

Sitting in math class all those years ago in high school, I never would have thought that math would actually be useful to me in the future.  I heeded the advice of my fellow back of the classroom sitting classmates who insisted that in no way would trigonometry ever be useful to me.  I knew I would not be a physicist, doctor, or math whiz- I was going to be the lead singer of a very famous punk band, who would later become a world famous opera singer.  (Why yes, I AM a Leo!)  But as life progressed, and I went from high school student, to college student, to Marine, to housewife, to knitter- it became  apparent that maybe math beyond the simple 1+1=2 might be a little important.  As it turns out, when designing a knit wear pattern, math is very important!  My brain is fryed after spending the past few days trying to work out the math needed to make a sweater range in sizes from 32″ bust to a 52″ bust while still keeping the lace pattern intact.  Im pretty sure my husband smelt smoke last night as he watched me struggle through a lace pattern for the triangle shawl I’ve been working on (which, by the way, will be frogged yet again today.).  I guess I just wish I had studied a lot harder. 

But as I said, the yellow shawl will yet again be frogged today for two simple reasons: 1- OUCH!!!!  Lace weight yarn is killing my fingers.  I think fingering weight is about the smallest my joints can handle, and Im good with that.  So until I can order the necessary fingering weight yarn for this design, this one is going back to the drawing board.  2- My brain is FRIED.  I am actually pretty excited though, as I have already designed and written out the pattern for another fingering weight shawl, which I will wind the yarn for today and start this evening! 

Want to know what else Im excited about?

I finally got my copy of Ysolda‘s newest book, Little Red in the City!  I pre-ordered this back in February when the inital release date was sometime in March.  It was finally delivered Friday and let me tell you- it was well worth the wait!  It’s chock full of useful information and some very lovely sweater patterns.  It also has nifty spaces to fill in your own measurements to help make it easier to get sweater patterns to fit your body perfectly.  Overall, its a great book and I definantly recommend it- especially if you sat in the back of your high school math class and heeded the advice of your fellow classmates that you would never ever use math in the real world.

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