Must-Have Monday #1- Ravelry!

Welcome to the first installment of my new attempt to blog more regularly- Must-Have Mondays!  Every Monday, I plan to blog diligently about some of my absolute must-have favorite things.  And to start the project off right, my first Must -Have Monday features my favorite website EVER- RAVELRY!

If you are a knitter, crocheter, designer, or all around craft geek- chances are you are on Ravelry or at the very least know what it is.  Aside from providing it’s users with a daily dose of fiber ™, Ravelry provides it’s users with a plethora of patterns- both free and pay patterns- as well as project pages to maintain notes and photographs of your projects.  Each user has a “Notebook” in which to keep project notes, photos of your stashed yarns, a queue of patterns you intend to knit, a list of projects or patterns or yarns that you have favorited, a place to keep track of what size needles you have, as well as links to your groups in which you are a member.  Behold- the Notebook of one “MissBecca

Groups are another amazing aspect of Ravelry.  There are so many different groups with so many different purposes.  There are swap groups, knit-along or crochet-along groups, a group for fans of Ysolda, groups for knitters in the same geographic areas and groups for fans of Dexter.  And if you cant find a group in which you feel like you belong- you can start your own! 

But without a doubt- the BEST aspect of this multi-faceted site has to be it’s users. boasts some of the kindest, most encouraging users that you will find on any other crafting website.  Have a question about the best bind off for that sock you’re knitting?  Click on some of the other project pages for that pattern and see what the other knitters have done.  If you dont find what you’re looking for in their notes, you can “Private message” or PM users to ask them personally.  I have found myself doing this several times and each time I recieve a warm, kind response from my fellow users.  I have yet to come across a fellow Ravelry user whose personality I find abrasive or unwelcoming.  Although I suppose it’s hard to be unkind when you are talking about wool… or silk… or wool/silk blend… or Pashmina…. oooooohhhhhhh…

If you have yet to discover Ravelry for yourself, I highly encourage you to do so.  And when you do- look up MissBecca and friend her- I promise you a warm welcome, and a kind word in response!

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