Must Have Monday- Really Good Needles!

Oops!  A day late, but a must-have nonetheless!  Must Have Monday #2 is a definant necessity: Really good needles!  And the must-have needles in my opinon are those made of bamboo. 


My entry into the wonderful world of knitting began with a set of Boye aluminum needles and a skein of really scratchy Red Heart Super Saver.  My wonderful Husband bought me a set sold at Walmart which included a knitting instruction book, 2 pairs of Boye aluminum needles, and a few notions, along with a skein of RH.  I taught myself the basics, but had no one in my life who could teach me the more advanced things, nor that there were other yarns or needles out there.  After a few months, I found a Michaels store and discovered Clover Takumi bamboo needles and picked up a pair, along with a few balls of Wool-Ease.  I was amazed at how the needles knit up fabric.  It seemed that they knit differently than the metal needles, and the way that warmed in my hands, and were slightly bendable made them easier on my hands.  Immediatly they became my go-to needles and to this day they remain so.  A good majority of my rather sizeable needle stash is Clover Takumi.  A few years ago, Clover introduced Takumi Velvet needles:

The finish on these needles  is satiny smooth and really nice, although this might make it easier to drop stitches.  I do own a set of these needles in the 14 inch length, but I dont use them as much as the regular bamboos.  Another of my favorite brands is HiyaHiya, and I would definantly recommend these as well! 


You can find HiyaHiya needles at

While I DO love my beloved bamboo needles, sometimes I do find myself in need of a good metal needle, as well.  In those times, I turn to KnitPicks nickle plated needles. 

They are nice and sharp, easy on the hands, and the circulars have exceptionally smooth joins!  Like the Takumis, they prices are very reasonable, although when visiting the Knitpicks website, if you are anything like me, you will likely find yourself loading up your shopping cart with lovely yarns.

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