I Gots Mad Skills. And Three Dogs.

I find it suspect- er, funny- that whenever my children see me knitting away furiously at deadline knitting, they immediatly begin conspiring- er, agreeing- on what Mommy should knit for them.  In this case, they requested dogs.  They had been asking for a real dog since we moved, but our landlord refuses.  So to ease their sad little hearts, we decided upon the pattern for Tofu the Gentle Dachshund by Rebecca Danger at DangerCrafts.  Growing up, my family always had Doxies and I absolutely adore them!  So I finished up the deadline knitting, and put aside the design book and future sample knitting to knit this little pups.  And gosh did they turn out cute!

And, just like their new owners, in their natural habitat- wrestling and dogpiling:

This is a great pattern- clearly written with tons of clear photos to demonstrate along the way.  It does, however, ask that the knitter possess a scary skill: Magic Loop.  You know, for such a fun sounding skill, it terrified me.  I have bought several of Rebecca’s patterns, but strictly on the basis that I was going to find a way around this whole magic loop business.  And also because they are maddeningly cute.  But, as luck would have it, on cast on day I had a random though- why not just learn to magic loop?  Luckily, Rebecca has a how-to video posted on her website HERE.

I have to say, after a few trys, it was really simple!  And Im really glad that 1- I learned a new skill!  And 2- Now I can finally knit all of those great Danger patterns I bought!  Oh and of course 3- Now I can get back to the book!

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