Must Have Monday- Faith

I have to apologize for missing MHM last week.  I have come to an interesting challenge in my personal life, which has in turn led to this weeks Must Have Monday. 

Faith is an essential must have in my life.  I dont mean strictly religious faith-  although my religious faith is certainly an essential in my life, I find faith to be so much more than religion.  I have faith in myself, faith in my childrens potential, and faith that there is a purpose for everything that happens. I have faith that when my child tugs at my knitting, causing me to drop several stitches off of my needles, that I will be able to pick them all back up.  While my Husband was deployed to the farest regions of the world, bombs exploding around him and bullets buzzing above him, I had faith that he would be ok.  And now I have faith that this current issue will be resolved without causing further harm.  Sometimes you just have to believe- whether your faith lies in God, Karma, or what have you.  But for me, faith is definantly a must have.  Which brings me to something else…

This past weekend, we had the pleasure of Deans neice and her new Husband coming to visit us.  Since it wasn’t as terribly hot as it was last time we had visitors, (it was only 108 as opposed to 117!) we decided to take them out to a place we had been hearing alot about- Salvation Mountain in Niland, CA.

ONE man built this place using large amounts of hay, tires, and ALOT of Paint.

Sadly, this place is less of a “Jesus love you” vibe, and more of a “The Hills Have Eyes” vibe.  But upon entering the small town, there is this lovely message that I want to share.  Have a wonderful week.

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