Must Have Monday- August 15, 2011

This weeks Must Have Monday features a recent favorite of mine- Knit Picks CotLin yarn.

Per Knit Picks description on the CotLin page, CotLin is a dk weight yarn made up for 70% Tanguis cotton and 30% Linen.  “Tanguis (tan-gwiss) cotton has a very soft hand, excellent absorption and, because it is a naturally white fiber, a high affinity for dyes. Linen adds the characteristic flecks and additional absorbency with very low elasticity – helping to alleviate stretching in the finished knit. Summer linen has an extended growing period which results in a longer, stronger fiber. When blended with the already strong Tanguis cotton, it makes a durable, wearable, and soft yarn. The knit fabric will get softer with each wash too.”

I bought my first few balls of CotLin shortly before our recent move.  There was something comforting to my soul about knitting new dishcloths and kitchen towels for our new kitchen.  After knitting up a few, I decided to buy more of the CotLin in blues and tans to coincide with our beachy kitchen theme.  I quickly found that 1 ball of CotLin could make one Basket Rib Hand Towel with only a short 2 yards left over.  Virtually no yarny waste, which I love.  One ball could also make one Grandmothers Favorite Washcloth, plus one Squidge cloth, with just enough yarn left over to knit up a small potscrubber.  In fact the Squidge cloth is quickly becoming a favorite of mine.  It knits up quick, but also has an interesting design, which is great at scrubbing non stick pans. 

Im knitting this one in Knit Picks CotLin in Planetarium on size US 4 needles.  It’s only my second Squidge, but as you can see from above, I have many more in the plans.

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