Evolution, and such.

It’s funny how things work, sometimes.  When I first started Left Coast Knits, it began as an idea for a knitting pattern book.  Got myself an agent, and all.  Things happened, then things didn’t, forcing my idea to evolve.  “Well, an eBook isn’t such a terrible idea.” I thought.  Establish myself as a designer, put out some truly fantastic patterns.  Evolve.  So I worked on that for a bit.  I put out 4 truly lovely patterns intended for what I wanted Left Coast Knits to be.  And then change happened again and I wanted it to be something else.  Something… more.  And so, this morning I set up the 4 patterns as part of the eBook, Left Coast Knits now available on Ravelry.  Im happy with where I ended up with this, but by no means is this the end of Left Coast Knits.  It’s just time for more change.  I’ve submitted a new design to Knit Now! magazine and Im anxious to hear what they have to say.  I’ve never submitted to a publication that isnt my own, so Im very interested in seeing how this pans out.  I’ve sketched.  ALOT.  I have so many ideas, so many designs just waiting to be churned out.  Swatches are piling up and I love it.  Essentially I plan to release some new patterns around January as a new collection, then some closer to Spring as another.  Im excited.  And Im ready.

One thought on “Evolution, and such.

  1. Hi there, i happened to visit ur website from ravelry. U have beautiful designs. All the best with ur ebook and all future publications.

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