Project Overload? Never!

I’ll just come out and say it- I tend to put entirely too much on my plate.  My workspace looks like a war zone, and my stash closet(s) are in dire need of some organization after the past few days.  While it has been amazing to see so many of the designs that have been swirling around my mind come to life, I feel like I could fall into the swatch pile that has continuously grown on my desk and sleep for a week.  But I have to admit- it feels good to be in such a creative whirlwind! 

I currently have a pattern being test knit, and it’s getting pretty great reviews from the testers!  It’s a single skein cabled and lace scarf pattern using MadelineTosh Tosh Merino Light (TML), which is a single-ply, fingering weight yarn.  Im hoping to release the pattern on Ravelry around Thanksgiving, so be on the lookout!  Here’s a wee sneek peek:

I’ve also finished a prototype for another new design this past weekend.  It’s a single skein shawlette which knits up pretty quickly on size US 5 needles and a skein of fingering weight yarn.  No sneek peek just yet, but soon!  I plan on knitting a second one to try it out with a different yarn.  I will be going home for Thanksgiving and will hopefully get some lovely photos of all of the recent designs then. 

To add to the project overload, my Son asked me this morning to knit him some gloves!  We live in the desert, and it has started to get pretty chilly in the mornings- it was 49 degrees this morning when I walked him out to the bus.  So now Im on the hot search for a pair of kid-friendly gloves.  Im thinking the 75 yard Malabrigo Mitts will be perfect for him.  I’ll just have to do a little stash diving to see what I have in boyish colors.  Maybe a Christmas gift? 

Luckily, I dont knit for others unless it is specifically asked for.  Im easily offended when my handmades aren’t well recieved and giving a gift to a non-crafter is just asking for trouble.  I have, however, been asked by my baby sister (who is 23 by the way!) to knit her soon to be born baby girl (!!!) a monkey.  I decided on a Jerry the Musical Monkey by Rebecca Danger, and will also knit one for baby girls big sister for Christmas. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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