Wednesday already?

It seems as if Monday and Tuesday just sort of flew by- well, in retrospect anyhow.  I find it funny that days can seem to stretch on forever in the midst of dishes, laundry, clutter cleanup, cooking, and child rearing, but when you look back, it really seems to have flown by.  Alot has gone on in the past two days, actually.  After 2 months of focused designing, knitting and then knitting again, and furiously jabbing a calculator, Im pleased to announce that I have completed my very first shawl(ette) design!  I will be releasing it soon, possibly by the end of the month.  I need to get the pattern transferred from my messy jumble of a notebook to a well-written and easy to understand pattern format.  That could take a while.  While I understand what I mean by “pull the yarn in that direction to make it do that one thing”, I understand that that might not come off well in a pattern.  It might confuse…

Monday found myself and my lovely Daughters doing our Thanksgiving grocery trip.  While we were planning on going home to spend Thanksgiving with my Family, we’ve come to the conclusion that we just cant afford it right now.  So we’ve reverted to our original plan of hosting some people in Dean’s command, which is always fun.  The Holidays are the only time of the year when I am allowed to have a houseful of single sailors!  But I digress.  While out on our grocery trip, I found one of my absolute favorite holiday treats.

Yummy Candy Cane Kisses!  I love white chocolate and these are such a delicious treat.  I also bought a pack of Holiday Oreo’s, and as you can see, Violet really enjoyed those:

Yes- red Oreo frosting all over the tile floors and white cabinets.  Fun, right?  Festive?  THAT was fun to clean up, let me tell you.

Aside from the snacking on unhealthy treats, and cleaning red frosting off of grout, I’ve actually been quite productive.  Im working on a Super Surprise of Super Awesome Awesomeness for my Swap on a Budget spoilee.  I chose Malabrigo Rios yarn to knit it with and I am in LOVE with this yarn!  While I love Malabrigo Worsted, I find that the single-ply felts entirely too easily.  But the Rios is a 10-ply worsted weight, still 100% Merino, and amazingly soft!  It is kettle dyed, but the colors have not pooled once.  Im using the colorway Azul Profundo, which is a beautiful blue yarn which goes from a deep, lovely sapphire, to a stunning sky blue.  It’s not at all dramatic color change- but just enough.

I’ve also finished my Son’s mitts that he requested.  He loves them and really enjoyed wearing them to school Monday morning and showing them off to his friends.  Despite the fact that it was nearly 75 degrees when he came home from school that day, he was still wearing them and they were pilling like mad.  I suppose a pill shaver is in my near future.

Have a wonderful day!

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