Must Have Monday- Preita Salyer Designs!

Must Have Monday is back this week with an old favorite, and a definite must have- the designs of Preita Salyer of Mr. Poopers Day Out!

I first became enthralled with Preita’s designs back in 2009 when I knit her Hawk Hat design which was intended to warm my own noggin, but instead was claimed as a birthday gift when my friend Joan saw me wearing it and promptly swiped it  right off my head.

Her pattern was extremely well written, and very clear which seems to be a continuing trend in her pattern writing.

One of the things that I appreciate the most about Preita’s designs is that even while she is releasing more complex and detailed designs such as Weave it!, and her English Garden Cardigan, she maintains and continues to release quick and simple, yet equally gorgeous, designs for new knitters or knitters desiring a instant gratification project such as her Perfection Cowl and her Outlaw Cowl.

Behold- some pattern-y goodness designed by Preita Salyer:

Cherry Surprise Shawl- FREE on Ravelry

Rough Sea Shawl- FREE on Ravelry!

Zag Hat- FREE on Ravelry!

Channel Islands Shawl- $7 on Ravelry!

Pix Shawl- $6 on Ravelry!

Weave it!- $6 on Ravelry!

And finally, her newest design, Outlaw- $7 on Ravelry!

And while Preita’s designs are amazing in themselves, her blog nearly deserves it’s own featured Must Have Monday.  Mr. Poopers Day Out features not only knitting fun, but also fun pictures of her life on her farm, including hats on goats (it’s worth the blog visit, trust me!).  So check out Preitas designs and blogs today and tell me what you think!


3 thoughts on “Must Have Monday- Preita Salyer Designs!

  1. Dude! Thank you so much for the write up! I’m totally flattered 🙂 I have to say that the ease of knitting is only with much hard work and many emails between me and my wonderful testers and now my tech editor! With out them I’d be all over the place 10 x over.

    Thanks again! 🙂

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