December Photo-a-Day Challenge

I stumbled upon another blog- A Content Housewife– recently via Pinterest (seriously, I LOVE me some Pinterest!), and she is doing a December Photo-a-Day Challenge.  I was really inspired by it, especially since I just got a new phone and all of the photos on my old phone were not transferred over, and my new phone has an incredible camera.  So here we go!

December 1- Your View Today
This year we are doing an Advent Calendar with our children, and rather than sweets we put activities in them.  The 1st activity was to make paper snowflakes!  So here is my view for the day:


December 2- Your Favorite Holiday Movie
It’s no secret in our house that I could watch National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation every single day of December if I could get away with it.


December 3- Red
One of my favorite colors (glitter!) and red is great too!  This ornament is definantly one of my favorites.


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