Banana Bread

I have to admit that when it comes to banana bread, I am not a fan.  I have a certain standard when it comes to eating bananas, and very rarely stray from it.  They must be firm and still slightly greenish.  Once they start getting slightly brown I know that the only one in the house that will be eating them will be my husband.  I do, however, have fond memories of running into my grandmothers house and smelling the delicious aroma of fresh baked banana bread cooling on the kitchen table.  She was always baking something wonderful.  Her norwegian-german heart just was not content unless she was blessing our family with delicious cookies, breads, and meals.  And Lord do I miss her everyday.  So when my darling daughter looked wistfully at the 4 bananas at the counter becoming more brown every day and proclaimed that her classmate had had some bread that smelt like bananas in her lunch that day, I was reminded of my beautiful grandmother, and the smile on her face as she pulled open the over, took a deep whiff, and pulled out loaf upon loaf of sweet banana bread.  I found this recipe from Brown Eyed Baker (I love her!), and used it as a base recipe to play with.  Personally I don’t care for walnuts in my bread, so instead I chopped them up and sprinkled them on top of a powdered sugar glaze that I brushed on top of the bread.

So sweet and delicious!

So sweet and delicious!

I made the recipe as written, omitting the walnuts in the mix.  The recipe says to bake them for 35-45 minutes at 350 degrees F, and I probably could have pulled them out after 35.  Rather, still getting used to cooking in an electric oven, I allowed them to bake for 40 minutes, which resulted in a slightly crispy edge which I loved.  After allowing them to cool while I prepared dinner, I mixed up a simple glaze using 1 cup of powdered sugar + 2 TBSP milk.  The glaze was slightly thick, but it was the perfect consistency to me.  I poured it straight from the bowl onto the loaves, using the back of a wooden spoon to spread it evenly over the loaves.  I then sprinkled the chopped walnuts over the glaze and allowed the glaze to harden slightly before serving.  OHMYGOSH.  It was amazing.

Pure deliciousness.

Pure deliciousness.

My kids LOVED it.


The bread itself was the perfect combination of dense and moist, with a slight crisp on the edges as a result of a slight over-baking.  The glaze was the perfect finish to this bread, making it the perfect dessert.  Overall, I think I may be finally be a banana bread fan.

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