Sewing Project: 20 minute grocery bag holder

Recently, I was bitten by the sewing bug.  I think it happened around October 2012 when my daughter came home from school with a flyer announcing a kindergarden 50th day of school sock hop.  The girls were encouraged to wear poodle skirts and bobby socks, while the boys were encouraged to wear jeans, white t-shirts, and grease in their hair.  Seriously.  Deciding firmly that there was no way this crafty mama would be paying a fellow crafter on Etsy to make my daughter a poodle skirt, I set out to find a decent pattern.  Afterall, I’m fairly handy with a sewing needle and thread- I could totally do this, right?  After perusing Pinterest for a bit, I came across the no-sew Poodle Skirt pattern by obSEUSSed.  It seemed simple enough, and I was sold on the whole ‘no sew’ thing.  So I set out for supplies.  First we headed to Michaels, then to Wal-Mart (shudders) when we did not find the right felt at Michaels.  The pattern was pretty simple, and my daughters skirt turned out pretty great!



Well, needless to say, after browsing sewing patterns on Pinterest for as long as I did, I quickly fell in love with all of the patterns and fabrics that I was seeing.  So Hubs and I saved up a bit of money and I invested in my very first sewing machine.  She is a very basic Singer model, but perfect for learning on.  I quickly dubbed her Martha.  Not THAT Martha.  Just Martha.  My lovely Martha.

One of the sewing patterns that I recently found on Pinterest was the 20 Minute Grocery Bag Holder from Craftiness Is Not Optional. I’m one of those people who buy reusable grocery bags with good intent, but end up leaving them at home when I need them the most, leaving me with too many plastic bags to think about.  I try to recycle them at the stores when I can, but more often than not they end up balled up in my laundry room to be used when I need a quick trash bag.  What can I say, folks?  I’m only human.  So this particular pattern could really be of some use in my house.  Deciding to use what I have on hand, my sweet 3 year old helped me go through the fabric stash to find a nice fat quarter to use for the holder.  She picked this one, and I LOVE it!

Our chosen fabric!

Our chosen fabric!

And our finished plastic bag holder:

Functional beauty

Functional beauty

It took a bit longer than the 20 minutes, but again, I’m a beginner.  It was still quick- I finished it in about 45 minutes!  The only mod that I made was rather than using ribbon as the hanger, I used about 4″ of elastic.  Again, used what I had.  I love it, and it is now hanging proudly and stuffed to the brim with plastic bags that will be recycled or repurposed!

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