It’s Cold- Let’s Knit!

Frigid Gnomies

Frigid Gnomies

Good Morning my Gnomies!  Greetings from Virginia, where the bipolar weather has once again swung low into the 20’s.  Wednesday, in all of it’s warm, blessed beauty brought us well into the 70’s and a strange summer-like downpour, complete with thunder, lightening, and strong winds.  Last night however, we dipped into the low 20’s and woke up to a nice little blanket of snow.  I miss my beautiful southern California weather, where you can always depend on 3 things: A thick marine layer in the morning, a beautifully temperate afternoon, and TV weather forecasters calling a few drops of rain a “WINTER STORM WATCH!”  Oh Dallas Rains, how I miss you.

Spring Thaw Mystery KAL

Today begins the Swap on a Budget Mystery KAL and CAL on Ravelry!  Are you in?  I sent out the first set of pattern instructions for the KAL very late last night to account for those in different time zones.  The second set of instructions will go out on the 8th, and the third and final instructions will go out on the 15th.  If you would like to join us, the pattern can be downloaded free on Ravelry by clicking HERE.

Be Calm- coming soon!

Be Calm- coming soon!

I am putting the finishing patterns for another new design as we speak, and will be releasing it very soon.  Dream in Color yarns sent me some FABULOUS Dream in Color Calm to design with, and I can’t even tell you just how phenomenal this yarn is.  It is single ply, 100% wool yarn, and the wool is from right here in the U.S.!  How awesome is that?!  It’s incredibly soft (much softer than Malabrigo, which surprised me!), and it wears extremely well.  If you haven’t tried it yet, you really must.

Have a wonderful weekend!  My youngest turns 4 on Sunday- eek!

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