The Garter Beast

Earlier this month I blogged about the Garter Squish blanket that I was knitting.

deliciously squishy

deliciously squishy

I was 2 color blocks in and saw leftover after leftover being gobbled up by this beast of a blanket.  Partials that would have otherwise sat in my stash, taking up valuable space with very little promise of otherwise ever seeing the light of day again, were disappearing at a surprisingly quick pace.  It was a beautiful sight to behold.

But as the blanket got longer, my shoulders began to ache.  This blanket is heavy.  My knitting slowed to a crawl and turning the blanket around at the end of each row was agony.  But I continued to knit.  And yesterday morning, I wove in the final end.

Rustic beauty

Rustic beauty

The blanket is lovely.  It is warm, and soft, and has a very rustic sort of beauty that I love.

And while the garter stitch was rather boring, knitting this blanket was very peaceful and meditative allowing me to begin planning a new project- a collection of patterns inspired by the sea!  I began the first sample for the collection yesterday and hope to release the entire collection this summer.

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