Ventura Wrap KAL

Happy May everyone!  Signs of new life are all around us right now, from the incredible flowering of my double cherry blossom tree in my front yard, to the new leaves and baby birds in the forest in my back yard.  If it weren’t for the awfully high pollen count lately, I’d say it’s been a great start to spring around here.  So now that I’m finally able to start putting away the winter woolies, but still need something light to wear around the house, I thought this would be the perfect time to knit up another Ventura Wrap.

ventura wrap 004

I designed this wrap back in June 2009 and it’s been pretty popular on Ravelry, and continues to be the most searched for pattern here on my blog.  I love it because it’s just warm enough to keep the chill off my shoulders, but lacy and light enough to keep me from getting too warm.

I’ve settled on some Vanna’s Choice yarn from my stash in a bright, fun mustard color, and I’ve finally tracked down my size 17 needles (like it was hard to miss those big son’s of guns!), and I’m ready to cast on today.  It will be nice to take a break from my current project- a sample for an upcoming design which requires a lot of attention and time.  The Ventura Wrap is a series of 3 simple stitches and will be a great distraction.

I hope you’ll join us!



2 thoughts on “Ventura Wrap KAL

  1. Hello: Please explain to me the correct pattern, I keep ending with different sts,
    Have tried K1, YO, K2tog across am I suppose to end up with YO,K2 or K1?
    I tried K1, YO K2 & continued with YO,K2 (not the k1 until the end and worked out with a k1 at end).
    Help please.

    • SO very sorry for the delayed response- Summer has been keeping me away from the computer. First, be sure that you are casting on a stitch count with a multiple of 3. Once that is established, you will follow the stitch pattern across each row (K1, YO, K2tog).

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