Finally Friday

Happy happy Friday!!!  I hope your week has been great!  Mine started off great, then my youngest came down with a tummy bug.  I’m sure you can imagine how fun that was.  Luckily it was only a 24 hour thing, but still.  It’s never easy to see your kids sick, especially when you know that there’s nothing you can do but comfort them and keep them hydrated.  But now that she’s on the mend, things seem to be looking up again.  Remember on Monday when I posted the picture of my rose bush with a few flowers on it?  Well, I decided to do some late-Spring pruning on a vine climbing our deck stairs and checked the rose bush while I was out there.  The darn thing exploded with roses!  It gave me TWO mason jars full of roses- 14 roses to be exact.  I put one jar on my fireplace mantle in our family room, and the jar on our dining table.  I’m not typically a flowers lover, but I’m so proud of these.  And the fact that they are beautiful doesn’t hurt, either.



Hubs and I have (slowly) begun the process of updating the kids’ bathroom.  Rather than towel bars, we opted for hooks.  That way each kid has their own hook and they know where to hang their own towel.  We also bought them each a fluffy new towel in their favorite colors to add to the responsibility of knowing which towel is theres and where it goes.


Two nights in, and I haven’t had to remind them to hang their towels back up or pick them up off of the bathroom floor.  Progress!  Let’s hope it sticks!

Hey guess what?  I finally bought my own domain!  Next time you visit, you can simply type in to get here!

Have a great weekend!

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