Monday Knits

I was once given some very good advice regarding my knitting.  Once your knitting no longer interests you, or you become frustrated with it to the point that just looking at it upsets you, it is time to put it aside.  Last July I started knitting the Color Affection shawl by Veera.  It was and continues to be wildly popular.  It’s a beautiful shawl and cleverly constructed.  I had to have one.  But why did I opt for the lace version?!

Here is my Ode to Lasorda (I bleed Dodger blue- it was entirely fitting) prior to casting on.  I chose Malabrigo Lace in Natural, Stone Blue, and Marine.  I wasn’t too sure about the color choices once I started the initial striping- the dark blue contrasting against the bare white seemed a bit too much but I knit on.  Once I began the short row section, my patience with the project and it’s snail pace was waning.  Again- why did I opt for the lace version?!   Remembering that great advice I had received all those years ago, I put the shawl aside in a project bag.  The bag got moved around several times until it ended up in my stash totes in the closet.  Back in January I found myself in need of a good road trip project.  It needed to be long-term and easily remembered, and so the Color Affection shawl made it’s grand return.  As did the frustrations that had come along with it.  And so my darlings, it is with great appreciation for the lovely pattern and for my own health that I bid an appreciative and hearty ‘farewell’ to the Color Affection shawl.  Tomorrow, or the next day, or eventually, I will frog it and recycle the yarn into something less annoying.  Maybe.


I also finished up my Ventura Wrap for the KAL- it looks so great in the mustardy yellow!  I’m really pleased with it, and am sure I will get plenty of wear out of this one.  Pictures soon!

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