So a Knitter Walks Into a Yarn Store…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of checking out my first Virginia yarn store.  I had loads of time to kill while waiting for the Hubs’ tire to be repaired at Costco and after doing some Ravelry research, I found that there was a yarn store not 2 miles up the road from where I was.  Such a happy coincidence!  It wasn’t too difficult to find the store itself (thanks, Google Maps!), and Vi and I were walking into Yarn Cloud 5 minutes later.  Walking in, we were greeted by 2 women working there.  At first glance I was impressed with the selection of yarns.  There were many that I hadn’t heard of before, and plenty of staples such as Cascade.  I was a bit bummed that they didn’t have any hand dyed yarns such as Malabrigo or Madelinetosh, but if I really want those yarns I know where to find them online.  There were several different magazines for sale, and there selection of needles was pretty impeccable.  After perusing the shelves, I settled on 3 skeins of a squishy, beautiful merino/microfiber blend in a beautiful aqua color.  Upon check out, however, the sales lady told me that the yarn had been discontinued. Knowing that this yarn would be designed with, I put it back.  I’d hate to design a pattern with a discontinued yarn that my customers could no longer purchase.  Instead, I decided on 2 skeins of a cotton/linen blend.  I had not heard of the brand before, but the yarn is really incredible.



I’m nearly finished up on my current WIP, and am so excited about getting it released!  It will be released later this summer with the rest of my sea-inspired collection.  The pieces in that collection are turning out so beautifully, I really can’t wait to share them with you!   Sneak Peek time!!!  Isn’t that yarn beautiful?



And finally, if you are from Oklahoma, or have loved ones there, please know that you are in my heart.  This past summer I had the pleasure of staying over in Oklahoma City on my cross country trip, and the people that I met were nothing short of kind, warm individuals.  I wish everyone nothing but the best.

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