Hello, Summer!

It’s finally arrived- my kids’ last day of school!  The last day of kindergarten for my daughter, and the last day of third grade for my son.  It’s been a busy, fun-filled year full of new adventures and frustrations, and though it may sound crazy, I am truly excited to have all of my kids home for the summer.  Yep, I’m that weird Mom who loves the crazy chaos of summer.  This year I am determined to have a structured summer program to help alleviate the “Mom I’m bored!” syndrome, so I hit up Pinterest and went a-searchin’.  I came across this blog post from Power of Moms.  It gave me a good starting point for what I want to do this summer, and here is what I’ve come up with so far:

Make it Mondays- scour Pinterest for the neatest, easiest kids crafts and make them.  This first week, we will be making salt dough decorations using this salt dough recipe and cookie cutters.

Take a trip Tuesdays- Pick somewhere relatively close and cheap and go.  For the first week we will be going to the library to get the kids started on their school-sponsered summer reading program.

Wet and Wild Wednesdays- Take a trip to the community pool if weather permits.  Other things I have lined up include water guns or if weather does not permit for outdoor play, a water table set up in the basement.  Basically just small totes filled halfway with water and bath toys.  This will probably work well for my daughters, but I might have to come up with a backup activity for my 9 year old son.

Think about it Thursdays- Let my kids pick something new that they want to learn about.  Maybe a new country or a new city.  Maybe even the basics of a new language.  I don’t have anything firmly planned for this first week, and I plan to let this one be mostly kid-led.

Frame it Fridays- On Fridays, I will have my kids draw a picture or write about their favorite part of the week.  At the end of the summer, before they go back to school, we will compile all of the weekly drawings/stories into scrapbook for each of them.

I’m really super excited about this!  What plans do you have for summer?  Are you doing anything fun or exciting?

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