W.I.P. it so good that it hurts

It’s W.I.P. central around here right now, and I’m pretty sure that it’s the same way around any crafters house right about now.  Normally, I don’t knit for other people.  Call me selfish or whatever, I don’t care.  But after years of spending hours slaving over hats, scarves, mitts, etc. for others as Christmas gifts or birthday gifts, then never seeing those items again until the person calls to ask how I can fix a wool hat that went through the wash with the bath towels and felted, I’ve come to the conclusion that the majority of my gift list could be better served with a gift card.  Last year I started a new tradition of knitting the kids each a winter hat for Christmas.  This year I will be continuing that tradition, plus adding a pair of mittens.  The Mr. also gets  a hat and mitten set, and his hat is complete, thanks to the gift-a-long on Ravelry:

It’s kind of a crappy photo, but it was taken prior to 7am and I hadn’t had enough coffee by that point to have been able to fake a decent selfie.  I’d apologize, but I’m pretty sure I just did you a favor by snapping this quick pic.  The pattern is Earthen by Alicia Plummer.

The next gift-a-long project was a pair of boot toppers for the mother of a kid in my daughters class.  She’s a photographer and we agreed to trade the boot toppers for a pattern photo session coming up.  I used the gorgeous skein of hand dyed teal that I dyed a few weeks ago.  I modified the bulky-weight pattern to accommodate the worsted weight that I had on hand, and they turned out great:

The pattern for these was Boot Candy Boot Cuffs/Boot Toppers by Sara Gresbach.

Then finally, I knit a Wabi hat by Alex Tinsley for myself.  I have since changed the pom-pom to something a little fuller and a bit smaller, but it’s gotten a TON of wear in the past week since I’ve finished it.  Just a W.I.P. pic:

Next up are 3 hats, 3 kids mitts, 1 adult mitts, and a hat that I am currently designing for a friend.  Oh, and plus all of the actual design work that I’ve been working on through all of this gift-a-long madness.  My fingers are killing me.

XO, Becca

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