Guys, it’s COLD.

And I mean it is seriously, ridiculously, bone-chilling COLD.  This polar vortex nonsense can stop right now because this California girl does not do cold weather.  I fully realize that there are places where cold like this is the norm, and yes, it is winter and cold is to be expected.  But this cold is abnormal for this area.

Complaints aside, I’ve been hard at work knitting away at another sample for my Spring Wrap which was published in the May 2013 issue of Knit Now! magazine.  I’ve finished the instructions for a larger, 2 skein version to accompany the instructions for the 1 skein version.  It finished blocking yesterday and all that’s left is the photography before I can self-publish now that the rights have reverted back to me!

This sample is knit using Madelinetosh Pashmina sport and took closer to 1.25 skeins.  I still need to knit a second 1 skein version as the original is gracing the neck of a lucky person somewhere in the U.K.

I’m also in the early stages of developing a new collection.  The theme has been decided upon, sketches have been sketched, and swatches have been started.  This collection will include my very first sweater pattern!  EEEEEKKK!!!  I’ve been planning for a few years now to design my first sweater and the theme that I am working with has genuinely inspired me.  I can’t wait to see it come to fruition!

In other knitting news, check out my new knitting buddy:


My 7 year old daughter has been begging me for months to teach her to knit.  So I finally worked up the patience to be able to sit down, cast on 20 stitches for her to work from, and teach her what to do.  She’s still not 100% confident in herself yet, but watching her work on it is so indescribably amazing.  She wants to be good at it, and when she’s done with her homework after school she insists that she wants to “sit down and knit a row.”  Of course like any good knitter, one row turns into several.  She comes to me to fix her mistakes and asks if she’s doing it right.  It’s so beautiful to see her enjoy it.  I’ve given her a partial skein of some Patons Classic wool and a set of US 8 needles to work with.  Last night I let her shop from my stash to help her plan her first real project- she chose a ball of yellow cotton to make her sister a washcloth.  My heart melted!

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