The End of A Hellish Year {and a sad announcement}

2014 has been a rough, trying year.  So much has changed around me, and so much has changed me as a person.  My life has taken some dramatic turns this year, and not all of them have been awful.  I’m not the same person that rang in 2014 with a glass of wine and a hopeful heart, but I’m working on finding my way back to her.  I think this is a good time to review, don’t you?  Let’s see… in 2014:

I designed 13 NEW patterns!!!  East Juniper Mitts, East Juniper Cowl, Polar Vortex, Samarah, Willowmere, We Are But Stardust, Eris, Ceres, Perseid, Lyra, Haddington, Bornholm, and Laurel were all released in 2014!

Spring Wrap became available for individual purchase!


I adopted a sweet little Yorkie from the local shelter!  He is such an incredible blessing to our family.

I survived what turned out to be quite possibly the worst Summer of my entire life.  And this picture made me smile.

I went back to work.  And it’s a sad reality that this sign is necessary.

I finally published my very first sweater pattern!

2015 will be better.  I see brighter things on the horizon, which is promising to me.  As of right now I’m planning more sweaters, a few new shawls, at least 4 hats, and some other fun new designs.  Which brings me to the sad announcement…

A few months ago, Ysolda started blogging and tweeting about something called VAT.  When Ysolda speaks, or writes, I listen.  She is a wealth of information, and one of my biggest creative influences.  So I looked into VAT/VATMOSS.  Essentially, VAT is a tax on digital items in the European Union (EU), but affects pattern sales to EU customers originating from US based retailers, such as myself.  As a US retailer, this affects me and will cause me to have to pay tax (VAT) to every EU country that I sell a pattern to, based on pattern sales.  That’s just not feasible to me.  I don’t want to have to increase my prices to pay VAT to a country in which I don’t even live or work.  And so I won’t.  Ravelry has accounted for this new VAT nonsense by teaming up with LoveKnitting to help designers sell to EU customers by collecting VAT and paying it on our behalf.  This is an amazing resource and I really look forward to utilizing LoveKnitting to facilitate sales to my incredible EU customers.  Craftsy, however, has decided to sit on their hands through this VAT mess, essentially leaving it up to individual designers to collect and pay their own VAT.  I don’t foresee this changing anytime soon, and again, it’s just not feasible for me.  So effective 10pm EST tonight, my Craftsy store will have all paid patterns removed.  ALL of my designs will still be available on Ravelry.  I am deeply sorry if this causes a problem for anyone, and will be happy to talk to you if it does.  Please remember that Ravelry is free to register, and is an incredible resource for knitters and crocheters.

I wish you all an incredible 2015, full of love and happiness!

One thought on “The End of A Hellish Year {and a sad announcement}

  1. You are the most amazing designer that I have ever meet. I am so very proud of all you have accomplished. I am so very lucky to be able to say that you are not only my daughter but you are my best friend!!!!!

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