Well Hello Again

My goodness, it’s been awhile.  And what a while it’s been.  Since I’ve last posted so much has happened and changed.  Let’s review!

i went from working as a part time cashier to a full time position as a retail supervisor.  Then I went to the headquarters office where I work full time on a buying team where I have a nice little cube that I decorate with my little knits like this sassy little chunk of a unicorn. (Pattern is tiny unicorn by mochimochiland)



My darling pup Wicket passed away, breaking the hearts of myself, my Husband, and our babies.  He brought so much joy and love into our lives and we gave him the best life that we could have given him.


We adopted a new furry friend, Miss Sophia.  Her family took her to the shelter when she didn’t get along with a new puppy and we rescued her the very next day.  She is such a sweet girl.


We went to Disney World for our very first family vacation.  And it was AMAZING.


There’s more.  There’s LOTS more.  But that’s it for now.


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