Holy bloggy laziness…

In all seriousness, I really did not intend to start this new blog and completely abandon the poor thing.  I really did not.  To any of you who might be regular visitors to this desolate wasteland of a blog, I apologize.  To those of you who really dont care, well, alright.

So Im making a conscious decision to start blogging more actively.  Because the alternative is just plain boring.

I haven’t really been up to too much lately.  Knitting like crazy, of course.  Working on the book.  Trying desperately to maintain whatever shred of sanity my children have allowed me to maintain.  Hubs is getting ready to deploy again and that is weighing heavy on our household in many ways.  I suppose the bright side of the deployment is that it is the last one for a while!  We’re up for transfer in Spring of next year and I just cant be thankful enough for that.  We were so excited about coming back to California after a hellish three years in Virginia Beach, and to say that it has fallen far from our expectations and hopes is a great understatement.   But thems the breaks, I suppose.

Anchors away!