Meet Wicket!


Introducing the new member of the Family- Wicket!  We’re a family of full-on Star Wars nerds, so the naming process was (fairly) easy.  We adopted this incredibly sweet pooch last weekend from our local county shelter.  He had been picked up as a stray.  The shelter staff said that when he was brought in his hair was so badly matted and dirty that it was impossible to tell what breed of dog he was until they gave him a quick haircut.  Once they had him cleaned up and his hair cut it was pretty obvious that they had the sweetest, most adorable Yorkie on the table.  He is absolutely perfect for our family.  He is sweet with the kids, excited to see us every morning, and already house and crate trained.  How anyone could throw this sweet dog away is beyond me- he is so wonderful.  He’s still very timid towards me, which leads me to believe that he may have been abused by a woman, but he is obsessed with my Husband.  And it’s so funny to see my manly-man Husband loving on this tiny little guy.  It’s adorable!

So now that I have a little doggy, I obviously have to knit for him right?  It’s still fairly chilly here in the DC area, and every time we go out to take care of business he is very sensitive to the cold.  So I’m thinking a doggy sweater is in order.  Even if he won’t wear it much longer for this season, he’s already fully grown so he can definitely wear it next winter.

There’s this one from Coats & Clark:

And this one from Diana Levine:

Both seem pretty easily customizable.  I will have to check out my stash of easy-care yarn.

Have a great weekend everyone!